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What Is Theophostic® Ministry?

Theo (God) Phostic® (light)  is a divinely powerful and thoroughly Biblical approach in ministry.  Emotionally hurting people from all walks of life, with all manner of emotional woundedness, experience accelerated healing as truth replaces lies, freeing them from lifelong emotional/psychological pain.  It is not cognitive therapy, psychoanalytical, guided imagery, hypnotic suggestion or visualization.  Theophostic® ministry is God illuminating, God directed, instantaneous, Biblical, consistent, predictable, complete and thorough.

Did you know that your present emotional pain (trigger) is coming from past lies?

Theophostic® Ministry believes a person’s present emotional pain comes from the misinterpretations (lies) imbedded in memories and not from the memories themselves.  For example, an incest victim feels shame not because she was molested but because she may believe it was her fault (the lie) Unless a person is able to return to the original memory event where the lie was first embedded, true release of the emotional pain will not occur.  Counsel based on logic and reason will not result in release of the pain one carries from historical woundedness.  Cognitive approaches require you to exert continuous self-effort toward freedom with little or no lasting results.  It is possible to be in counseling for years and experience no release from your emotional pain.  Traditional counseling methods will allow you to “take up your bed and limp” but after Theophostic® counseling, you will “take up your bed and walk”!!!

There are eight categories of LIES:  



Man Crying

Angry Woman

Angry Man

Wounded Child

Do you believe something bad is going to happen?  Do you believe you are all alone with no one to protect you?  Do you believe you allowed abuse to happen?  Do you believe your life is ruined and you will never feel clean again?  Do you believe there is no way out?  Do you believe you are not loved, needed, wanted, important and God could never love you?  These are all lies imbedded in your memory that hold you in bondage every day and do not allow you to function in the wonderful freedom that God planned for you.

Why not take your first step toward release from bondage (emotional woundedness) by calling . . .

Dr. Dee


 Dolores Riley,  Ph.. D. (Dr. Dee)

Clinical Pastoral Counselor

801 West Bay Drive, Suite 422A
Largo, Florida  33770

(727) 515-1657


Disclaimer:  Dr. Dolores Riley is trained in Basic Theophostic® Ministry but is not affiliated or endorsed by Theophostic® Ministries.    ®Theophostic Ministry is a trademark of Dr. Ed Smith and Alathia Ministries, Inc. of Campbellsville, Kentucky.  For further information about Dr. Ed Smith and Theophostic® Ministry see or call 888-467-3757.  Family Care Counseling/Dr. Dolores Riley uses the name Theophostic® Ministry with written permission from, but is not sponsored by or affiliated with, Alathia Ministries, Inc.

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