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Dr. Dee Riley

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This is your place to find freedom from emotional every day "triggers" that are bound to you by historical echoes of past memories of woundedness or victimization.  It is possible for you to experience release of pain and all emotional turmoil due to traumatic memories that are held in place by lies.  You can experience instant release in a moment of ministry in which God personalizes His Word for you.  Once you pass through the memory and the lie is exposed and removed, there is no need to ever go back.  This is maintenance-free therapy!  This counselor moves aside and allows the Spirit of Christ to expose darkness with His light.  It is the revealing of truth, freeing an individual of the lies which dominate his/her thinking, emotions and behavior.  This ministry can set you free from lifelong lies of abandonment, shame, fear, powerlessness, uncleanness, invalidation, hopelessness and confusion by lifting the dark clouds of depression in a divine moment I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your divine appointment of release from  bondage.


Your calls are totally confidential.  You will be speaking directly to Dolores Riley, Ph. D. a Clinical Counselor specializing in the healing of emotional woundedness and codependency.  You will find she has a heart of compassion and understanding as she has personally passed through many valleys of emotional woundedness.  Dr. Riley specializes in ministry to the hurting, hopeless, fearful and abandoned.  YOU can experience healing from the wounds of your past when you take advantage of this one-on-one counseling opportunity with Dolores Riley, Ph.D.                                                                          



  You can receive a time that is convenient for your individual appointment.         


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  Just call (727) 515-1657 to schedule an in-person appointment.


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Call for your first appointment and receive the freedom from your emotional woundedness today!


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YOU can be set free from emotional woundedness today!

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