Counseling for Emotional Wounds

Telephone Counseling - How it Works

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Telephone Counseling

    How does it work?

by calling Family Care Counseling at:

You can receive a time that is convenient for your individual appointment.

I will call you on the day and time we agreed upon for your appointment.  Google Duo is available (face to face on cell phone screen) for your appointment.

Your calls are totally confidential. You will be speaking directly to Dr. Dolores Riley, a Clinical Counselor specializing in the healing of emotional woundedness and codependency. You will find she has a heart of compassion and understanding as she has personally passed through many valleys of emotional woundedness. Dr. Riley has twenty-eight years of successful ministry to the hurting, hopeless, fearful and abandoned. YOU can experience healing from the wounds of your past when you take advantage of this one on one counseling opportunity with Dr. Dolores Riley.

This ministry operates on a sliding scale.  Payment by check or PayPal is required in advance of your telephone appointment.

Call for your first appointment and receive the freedom from your emotional woundedness today!

By calling Family Care Counseling at:

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